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CA State Disability Insurance(SDI)

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Disability Benefits cannot be liened against, garnished or taken in Bankruptcy
( CCP §704.130, CA JCC Form EJ 155, CA Claim of Exemption Info.,)

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Other Coverage’s to pay for various types of Disability

Mental Health Resources – Essential Benefit

THE NEW DEAL; The Safety Net She Believed In Was Pulled Away When She Fell; Debra Potter made a good living selling disability coverage. But like many working Americans, she learned the hard way that federal  law now favors insurers.; [HOME EDITION]

Peter G. Gosselin. Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles, Calif.: Aug 21, 2005. pg. A.1 Buy Full Text Buy Full Text

THE NEW DEAL; Approaching the Economic Edge; The weakening of the disability insurance system
is part of a broad shift of financial risk from government and business to individual workers.; [HOME EDITION]
Peter G. Gosselin
Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles, Calif.: Aug 21, 2005. pg. A.30
Buy Full Text Buy Full Text

106.  (a) Disability
Section 106 Definition Health & Disability

"health insurance"
   specified disease insurance 
workers' compensation 
   Long-term care.

State Teachers Retirement System
Disability and Survivor Benefits


Art Fries can help you

L.A. Times Article 1.15.2003 on disputed claim, fraud, etc.

Disability Concepts.com

Top 10 Disability Claim Mistakes LA Times.com


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Law Help.org Disability
Discrimination, Mental Health

Mortgage Loan.com on buying a home for people with Disabilities.

Free Advise.com Disability Insurance CA Insurance Code –  DISABILITY


2013 Long Term Disability Claims Review

2013 Disability Divide Employer Research Report 

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