The loss of your income to your Family or Business will be devastating to them, won’t it? 

If you had the Goose that laid the Golden Eggs, would you insure the Goose or the Eggs?

The Goose as it produces the eggs – the income from your family breadwinner.

The fruits of your labor, a car, house, (Mortgage Life Insurance) clothes, food, education and medical bills, can be replaced by insurance, your savings, credit cards, etc.  Replacing your income requires life insurance.  Life Insurance benefits are generally income tax free. IRC Sec. 101(a)(1)  IRS.Gov  There may be estate taxes, but there are ways to minimize them.

Life Insurance 101
Short Video – Life Insurance 101 + Plus MANY more

Many of our website visitors are here to find out where their loved ones policy is.  Your survivors depend on your income, make sure that are taken care of whether you are here on earth or in heaven.  Get coverage now, so that your family knows where your policy is.   Here’s a claim paid to the wife of one of our policy holders.  View $300k Life Insurance Payment

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The Family Breadwinner’s income is considered so important by the Federal Government that Social Security has some limited death benefits for your family. We can help you build on this base to fully protect your family and estate.

Seven reasons Why do you need life insurance – Steve Shorr

Is your Family Protected with Life Insurance? Click here for Instant Quote
Is your Family Protected with Life Insurance? Click here for Instant Quote


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Is your Family Protected with Life Insurance?
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