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State Bar - Do I need Estate Planning?
State Bar Brochure on if you need Estate Planning

The purpose of estate planning is to help a person build a large estate during life and to pass on as much of it as possible to the loved ones upon death.  While you might not have the $$$ Michael Jackson does, the problems can be very similar.  Learn More —  2.7.2014 LA Times about IRS Tax Issues.

The main considerations in estate planning are:

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Consumer Links

P.J. Hoskins, Esq.  Site on Estate Taxes

Contesting a will or trust

CA State Bar – FAQ’s   Do I need Estate Planning?  PDF


Asset Protection

Estates Legalese

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Estate Tax Law,

Gift Tax Law,

Does a family member have “Special Needs?”

California Courts – Self Help Site

How to find Unclaimed Property (Escheat) & Life Insurance with the State of California?

CA Court Property Declaration form for spouses to list the assets and how they think the assets should be divided

Social Security & Medicare ONLINE Enrollment  and Benefit Calculator

estate qr – Estate Planning Resources

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