How and where to find out where a  lost, unclaimed or missing Life Insurance Policy 

When a loved one dies  AIG
Steps to settling an estate
Locating Important Papers

Brochure when a loved one dies

CA Statutory Will - Fill in the blanks
CA Statutory Will - Fill in the blanks

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Consumer Links to help Find LOST Policies

How to file a claim?

Law Enforcement – Insurance Fraud

What if the executor of the estate will not tell you what the coverage is?

Or find lost pensions, retirement, bank accounts and other assets?

What if someone is trying to commit fraud, murder or other crimes involved with a life insurance policy?

What about STOLIStranger originated Life Insurance?

Did you sign an application?

         If not, the amount won’t be that high.

         Who has an Insurable Interest in you?

In a few rare instances it is possible to obtain Confidential Life Insurance on someone,  where there is an Insurable Interest.

In some instances, you might need the help of an Estate or Probate Attorney or law enforcement.

Medical Bankruptcy
Instant Term Life Quotes - CA

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2 comments on “Find a lost policy

  1. my loved one passed away two years ago.

    I’m trying to find out if he had any life insurance or stocks and bonds. I’m the administrator of his estate.

    I’m wanting to find out if there’s anyway to get this information?

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