How do Hybrid Life Insurance with LTC Benefits vs
Linked Lump Sum Premium Long Term Care
policies work & compare?


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Hybrid  Life Insurance with Long Term Care Benefits

Genworth Total Living Coverage Brochure 20 pages Rev 11.2013

Lincoln Financial – Money Guard Reserve Plus ♦ Illustration    This universal life insurance with an optional long-term care benefit rider1 gives you a choice of premium payment options of 1 through 10 years.

Unlike traditional long-term care insurance, your policy costs are set at issue and will never increase. Your policy provides benefits — even if you never need care, provided all planned premiums are paid.

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State life – Sample Illustration

Asset Care Solutions
Asset Care Solutions   Alternate option to pay premium rather than transfer assets – under 1035 

Linked  –  By paying an initial lump sum premium, you immediately create a death benefit for your beneficiaries and a pool of money to pay for covered long term care needs.

You’ve got benefits

  1. If you need long-term care
    You get more for your money because your policy provides income tax-free reimbursements for qualified long-term care expenses worth more than your premium payments. 1 There’s no deductible or waiting period, which could make a real difference in your total out-of-pocket costs for qualified long-term care expenses.
  2. If you don’t need long-term care
    Your policy provides an income tax-free death benefit. Your children, or other loved ones, designated as beneficiaries, will receive a legacy. 2 The death benefit would be reduced by any loans, withdrawals and benefits paid.
  3. If you change your mind
    You have options. You may choose to:
  • Maximize your long-term care benefits — A return of 80% of your paid premiums is available once all planned premiums are paid. 3

— OR —

  • Maximize your return of premium — 100% of return of premium is available after year 5 provided all planned premiums are paid; additional cost applies. Lincoln Website
State Life Asset Care Brochure
State Life Asset Care Brochure

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IRC 7702 b (Definition of Long Term Care – Benefits not taxable)  vs 101 g  (life proceeds not taxable income) accelerated death benefit rider

NAIC Model Regulation 620 (MDL-620) 22 page pdf This model regulates accelerated benefit provisions of individual and group life insurance policies and provides required standards of disclosure. It applies to all accelerated benefits provisions not subject to the Long-Term Care Insurance Model Act (MDL-640).


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