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CA Assisted Living Waiver?

CA Advocates for Nursing Home Reform

Participants in the ALW have access to the following services:

  • Assisted Living Services: The following is a list of some of the services that must be provided to ALW participants.  These services may be provided in an RCFE, or by a licensed Home Health Agency to residents in public housing.
    • Assisting in developing and updating an individualized care plan for each resident
    • Personal care and assistance with activities of daily living
    • Laundry
    • Housekeeping
    • Maintenance of the facility
    • Providing intermittent skilled nursing care
    • Meals and snacks
    • Providing assistance with self-administration of medications
    • Providing or coordinating transportation
    • Providing recreational activities
    • Providing social services
  • Care Coordination: These services include identifying, organizing, coordinating and monitoring services needed by participants .
  • Nursing Facility Transition Care Coordination: These services help transition participants from a nursing home to the community.  CA Assisted Living Waiver

DHCS.CA.Gov – CA Department of Health Care Services

Assisted Living Waiver

Elder Options – Private Website – DHCS subcontractor that can help people in Sacramento Area

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FAQs / Ask Us a Question

My 92 year old mother is on Medi-cal and Scan, but needs to go into assisted living with waiver application.  They won’t accept Scan.  They said she has to drop it.  Does she automatically go on Medi–Medi and will her new doctor take it? The application takes 3-6 months for approval but I have to drop her from Scan insurance before I fax over the waiver form…

***I don’t have enough background to answer your question.   I did learn though, my first day at my Father’s & Grand Fathers Insurance Agency, to NEVER cancel coverage till new coverage was confirmed!

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