Finding and Choosing the right Nursing Home for you or a loved one 

Here’s the Medicare.Gov Nursing Home finder, guide & Compare  for the  Los Angeles South Bay area, California and Nationwide.

This government provided tool also allows you to see what insurances and public benefits are accepted at the various facilities.


Medicare –

Skilled Nursing,

Home Health Care

Private – Individual  Long Term Care Coverage.


Here’s a 7 page Checklist to help keep track in your search.  Hopefully, you don’t need all the services of a nursing home here’s Alternatives to Nursing Home Care.

Medicare has published a 50 some page Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home  latest edition 8.2015   May 2011  Publication 02174.   Check it out.

We’ve also included all the helpful and relevant publications and information we could find on this page and others in this website. Use the menu at top or embedded links to navigate and find the information that you need.

Resources & Links

Veteran’s Home Health Care

Veteran’s Care

Intake form for Aid & Attendance

Health – they charge a fee

Jewish Free Loan Assoc.

Poorest Nursing Homes

Medicare.Gov Home Health Compare

Prevent & Report Elder Abuse CA Attorney General

Law Help Nursing Homes & Residential Care Facilities Nursing Home Bill of Rights CA Deptment of Public Health pdf  39 pages

Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.), 42 CFR 483.12

Physician’s Report for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) Preplacement Appraisal Information LIC 603 Identification and Emergency Information LIC 601     Senate Reviews Assisted Living Facility Problems 2.2014 CA Health Line



Medicare Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home  latest edition 8.2015   May 2011  Publication 02174

Medicare Coverage of Skilled Nursing Facility Care # 10153

See our Resources and Introduction Page for more information on Long Term Care Coverage, What Medicare Provides, Medi-Cal – Medicaid, Veterans, etc.

Pending Legislation

SB 411 2012 – Price – Licensing of Home Care Agencies & Workers AB 889 Ammiano – 2012 Domestic Workers New Life – The source for Senior Living

Guide to choosing a nursing home

Medicare Guide to choosing a nursing home #02174

How to choose a nursing home  Video


Find a Nursing Home - Medicare.Gov 

Find a Nursing Home - Medicare.Gov

Skilled Nursing - Medicare Coverage?  # 10153

Skilled Nursing - Medicare

The Basics

A quick look at Medicare coverage of skilled nursing facility (SNF) care
What’s skilled nursing facility (SNF) care?
Why would I need skilled nursing or therapy care?
How do I find and choose a skilled nursing facility (SNF)?

Medicare SNF Coverage

When will Medicare cover skilled nursing facility (SNF) care?
How long does Medicare cover my SNF care?
Examples of Medicare skilled nursing facility (SNF) coverage
What does Medicare cover when I qualify for skilled nursing facility (SNF) care?

What You Pay

What do I pay for skilled nursing facility (SNF) care in 2015?
Ways to get help paying for skilled care and other health care costs

Your Care in a SNF

What’s an assessment?
What’s a care plan?

When Your Medicare Coverage Ends

What if I think my skilled nursing facility (SNF) coverage is ending too soon?
Plan ahead

Your Rights & Protections

What are my rights in a skilled nursing facility (SNF)?
How can I report and resolve problems?
What if I think my SNF charges are wrong?

Skilled Nursing Facility Checklist




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