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Senate Bill 33  Would limit the amounts that Medi-Cal can recover (bill the heirs) under §14009.5 from someone who got  Medi-Cal or Long Term Care Benefits.  Learn More ⇒ Los Angeles Times 6.5.2015  ♦ Kaiser Health News


Bill doesn’t pass http://jrreport.wpengine.com

Bill to limit Medi-Cal Estate Recovery
Senate Approves the bill http://www.sfgate.com/

SB 1124 would:
•Limit asset recovery of Medi-Cal beneficiaries ages 55 and older to long-term care in nursing homes;
•Prohibit asset recovery from the estates of surviving spouses of deceased Medi-Cal beneficiaries; and
•Require the state to provide beneficiaries with a list of Medi-Cal expenses subject to estate recovery.

Hernandez said, “I don’t know of any other program that demands repayment after a recipient dies,” adding, “We don’t do it for Medicare. We don’t do it for people getting coverage through the (Covered California health care) exchange, and most other states don’t require estate recovery.”



Stanford Journal – Obamacare & Medi-Cal for 2016



LA Times  http://touch.latimes.com


Medi-Cal Medicaid estate recovery programs may stop people from enrolling.

Since 1993, federal law has required states to recover Medicaid payments for nursing home, long-term care and home- and community-based services from the estates of deceased Medicaid recipients who started receiving such benefits at age 55 or older. But the law also gave states the option to recover other types of Medicaid costs, including medical services. Some states, such as California, have taken that option and have collected for medical costs as well as long-term-care costs.

CMS issued a letter to state Medicaid directors on Feb. 23 stating that the “CMS intends to thoroughly explore options and to use any available authorities to eliminate recovery of Medicaid benefits consisting of items or services other than long-term care and related services.” The letter urged states not to pursue estate recoveries against Americans who sign up for expanded Medicaid under the ACA.  modernhealthcare.com/2014 03 01


Statistics released this week on investigations of complaints of abuse, neglect and poor conditions at California nursing homes and other health facilities show Los Angeles County lagging behind other areas of the state. Read More Los Angeles Times 5.17.2015


San Diego County officials say that a lack of statewide action has led the county to implement several initiatives to address abuse in long-term care facilities, U-T San Diego reports. 5.6.2015

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