401 K Plans for Small Business - IRS # 4222
401 K Plans for Small Business – IRS # 4222

401(k) IRC plans

are the most popular type of retirement plan used today. They can be a powerful tool in promoting financial security in retirement and are a valuable option for businesses considering a retirement plan, providing benefits to employees and their employers.

If you are retiring or laid off… Check with us on the options to Roll Over you current 401K or Pension Plan.  Check out our annuities.

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Links & Resources


Department of Labor Website on 401 K   IRS Publication 4222,  401(k) Plans for Small Businesses

IRS – Retirement Plans for Small Biz   8 Pages

IRS Publication 560 Retirement Plan for Small Business   26 Pages  Online Version

401 K – FAQ’s

If you ever worked for a company or put money into a plan, but do not remember where it is, etc. try these ideas to locate your missing retirement funds.


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benefit equity.com

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