How does Divorce affect the CalSTRS Retirement Plan?

Normally, the Teacher would only get their pension, not the spouses Social Security since the pension is higher.  That may change.  Pending Legislation HR 4391

STRS Member Publications

Divorce – Community Property – Information

Pleading on Joinder   FL 370 1/1/2003

Notice & Motion for Joinder FL 371 1/1/2003

Request for Joinder of Employee Benefit Plan Order FL-372* 1/1/2003

FL-373*1/1/2003Responsive Declaration to Motion for Joinder and Consent Order of Joinder

FL-662*1/1/2003Responsive Declaration to Motion for Joinder of Other Parent—Consent Order of Joinder (Governmental)

FL-375* 1/1/2003 Summons (Joinder)

If you ever worked for a company or put money into a plan, but do not remember where it is, etc. try these ideas to locate your missing retirement funds.

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