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CalSTRS Member Handbook
CalSTRS Member Handbook
IRS Publication 571 TSA

Kimra p   June 11, 2016 at 3:39 am   says:

I used my retirement to try to save my husbands business in 2008.

***Sorry to hear that.

I am beginning again and going into my second year of teaching along with years recently of long term and daily substitute teaching (not sure if any was put in for those years).

***We will need to check on that.

I need to quickly get the most retirement I can.

Which is better, faster, more;  CalStars appears to be mandatory and automatic for you. Contributions are limited to a percentage of your earnings. See page 24 of the CalSTRS member handbook.

tsa’s, Tax Sheltered Annuities

or both?

***Both.   Please email us your date of birth, last years tax return, estimated earnings for 2016 and beyond, all relevant documents you’ve received from the school district, when you plan to retire and anything else that might be relevant.

We need to figure out the maximum you can contribute to a TSA – Tax Sheltered Annuity.  IRS Publication # 571 Page 4 

Lucerne valley elementary school # 400393

Thank you

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